Erin & Brian | Front and Palmer

Congrats to Erin and Brian.  They were married on July 21, 2012 and what a glorious day it was.  They decided to see each other before the wedding and I love when couples do this!!  They were only a few feet away from each other while getting ready (separated by a lonely door) and we used the beautiful Radisson-Warwick Hotel lobby for The Reveal!  Getting emotional as a wedding photographer is par for the course and I get emotional more times than not.  Erin and Brian’s reveal was a touching moment and a great way to start the day!!  They had a party bus loaded with friends and family and we were off!!

Once back at Front and Palmer it was time to relax (for the bridal party-not me) and to take detail shots of this amazing venue.  When it came time for the vows, Erin’s speech was straight from the heart and probably one of the best written vows I’ve heard to date (I hope you have that piece of paper framed Erin!!).   Her words were especially touching becuase she spoke about who she was before and after she met Brian and her words were eloquent, touching, and emotional and I know that Brian felt each and every word.

After spending about two hours with their friends and family before the ceremony, I knew the reception was going to be great–and it was!! Enjoy this little window into Erin and Brian’s beautiful day!!

Wedding Day Info: July 21, 2012
Reception Location: Front & Palmer, 1750 N. Front  Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122 | 215.634.3002
Contact/Caterer: Lini Skiba |
DJ: Scratch Weddings  |

Mae CosgroveSeptember 6, 2012 - 12:20 am

I love these pictures. Great job, the pictures were very beautiful. Congratulations again to Brian and Erin!

Nancy CassadyAugust 15, 2012 - 10:35 pm

The pictures are great. You did a great job capturing their happiness


Cara & Brian | Top of the Tower

Congrats to Cara and Brian!!  They were married at the amazing Top of the Tower on July 7, 2012.  I have to hand it to Cara and Brian for #1-Picking a great venue, #2-Having the best wedding day planner to work with-Vanessa Garcia (a HUGE plus for photograpgers), #3-For giving Gary and I enough time to do our jobs and to do it well!! and last but certainly NOT least, #4-For being a great couple to work with!  Of course it had the be the hottest day on record in Philadelphia (I think it was 101 degrees), but they were troopers and we managed to get some pretty amazing pictures done without melting. Thank you Cara and Brian for allowing us to document your special day! Gary and I had a lot of fun with you both and I hope you have many, MANY years of happiness!!


Stephen & Felicia | Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown

If I could send a warm hug through my blog post to Stephen and Felicia, I would!! Congratulations guys!!  You both deserve a lifetime of happiness and love and knowing what I know about the two of you, I know you will!!  My engagement session with Stephen and Felicia was my first photo session since having had major jaw surgery in November 2011….so it was a pretty special shoot for me.  Since that day in January, the countdown had begun for their wedding!

I was blessed to work with Lisa Schaffer as my second photographer (as was requested by the bride) and both Lisa and I had so much fun!!  Felicia and Stephen certainly have a great sense of humor and a love for Storm Troopers, the muppet Animal and of course Wonder Woman.  Not sure what I’m talking about….you will once you finish looking through the pictures!!

The ceremony was lovely and the reception was exactly as it should be…one big fat party!!  All in all, it was a beautiful day spent with a beautiful couple!!

Wedding Day info:  June 30, 2012

Ceremony/Reception Location: Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown, 21. N. Juniper Street
DJ: No Macarena, phone: 215-232-8126, email:






Rachel & Andrew | Horticultural Center

A BIG congratulations to Rachel and Andrew on their very special day!!  You know, when I do an engagement session with a couple, I get to know them pretty well before the wedding (and honestly….we had a BLAST )…but it wasn’t until their wedding day and the speeches that I got to truly understand the love that this couple shared.  Rachel and Andrew are sweet and good natured, they have amazing friends and family who love them and they themselves are amazing people.

They were married at the beautiful Horticultural Center in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park.  It was a gorgeous day and I LOVE when couples do a first look and formals first!!  I was accompanied by my second shooter Marielle Casanova and together we were able to capture the day as it unfolded.  I have to hand it to Marielle, she was great at capturing some amazing candids (like the high-five picture of Rachel and Andrew) as I was setting up shots!!  (If you have ever wondered if it’s worth hiring a second photographer-my answer will always be YES!)

It was a great day filled with laughter, hugs, kisses, great food, great music and dancing. See for yourself!!

Wedding Day Info: June 23, 2012

Reception Location: The Horticultural Center, 100 North Horticultural Drive, Phila, PA
Contact/Caterer: Leila Miller (Stephen Starr Events) Office: 267-886-1472, Cell: 215-910-2094,
DJ: Marc Fisher, office // 215.646.6485  cell // 610.213.4674
Videographers: Jason Stewart and Zac Boden


Nicole & Curt | Loch Nairn Golf Club

Congrats are in order for Nicole and Curt—-what a great fun-loving couple.  Nothing could dampin their spirits– not even a round of pretty bad thunderstorms the night of their wedding!!  Nicole and Curt were married at the beautiful Loch Nairn Golf Club on June 22, 2012.  Yes, it is true that the Lock Nairn Golf Club is a stunning place for outdoor weddings, but I have to admit that the indoor ceremony was one of my all time favorite in-door places to shoot a wedding (not kidding).  The room had wonderful natural light, the architecture was rustic and romantic and the lights and flowers made the room beautiful and cozy!!  As soon as the ceremony ended, we hopped outside during a momentary laps of rain to shoot some quick formals….I don’t think I ever worked so fast to get a group of pictures completed. I was able to get a few quick shots of the wedding party and the last picture taken outside is one my favorites of Nicole and Curt—sure I was standing in the rain, but it was well worth the arch-way picture!!

One of the things I remember Nicole saying to me was that she loved candid pictures and that while formals were nice, she really wanted to me to capture their day as it unfolded. This was a very fun wedding for me to shoot and I took to heart in what Nicole said and I did just that; I captured her day as I saw it from the lens.  There is a part of me that wished I had more time outside with the couple before it started raining, but as I started to go through the pictures to choose my favorites for this blog post, I realized that I lOVED all of the pictures.  It’s not always about the posed formals, but about the couple on their wedding day…..and this blog post has some of my favorite pictures ever taken of a bride and groom during the ceremony and reception.  Congrats Nicole and Curt–I had a blast shooting you and your friends and family!!  Enjoy this little window into your day!

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